Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Child Is Born - Germanie Greer

A child is born by Germaine Greer discusses on the matter of childbirth and childcare. She shows the differences in between the western society and the eastern society on the subject of the, pregnancy childcare and child rearing. She is of the opinion that the eastern society is better in comparison to western society. In the eastern society, the pregnant woman feels secure in pre-natal as well as post natal activities. This is hardly found in the western society.
Childbirth management in the eastern society varies from place to place. the mother are familiar about the way of giving birth to child in such society because they are used to in such customs, they don't feel so much physical and mental tension while giving birth. The approach in eastern society is ritualistic. All the relatives including the husbands remain present during the process of giving birth. It decreases the pain of the mother. Their presence gives a sense of security to her. They create such an environment which make mother feels safe. Nevertheless a chance of death of mother is high in eastern society. In many of the eastern societies, a pregnant woman goes to her mother's house. For example: the writer presents us an example from society of India. In Repute society, the woman goes to mother's house prior to giving birth and after the birth to the child. She is taken care properly. The birth of the child is celebrated with singing and dancing. The pregnant woman is taken care not only by family members but also by the members of the community. It gives her a sense of security and she becomes less worried about giving birth. There is difference in child rearing also. In the eastern society the mother gets respect after she gives birth. She is called by the name of her first child. The newly born child is taken care by all the relatives. The mother has to spend less time in taking care of child. Thus, the eastern society is better than the western society in the matter of childbirth and childcare.
The eastern society, however is not unaffected by the method of western society. Because of modernization, people in the eastern societies are forced to use modern equipments. The modern equipments certainly have brought changes in the sector: nevertheless they are unable to reduce the anxiety at mother while giving birth. It has became problem in the western society. When a mother realize that there is unlikely to be anyone to celebrate her attempt, she is not certain to bear the problem

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